Local Artist, Tara Spil, Creates Passover Egg for Charlotte’s SHOUT Festival


Tara Spil, a local Jewish artist featured in the September 2021, Charlotte Jewish News, brought her talents to the Greater Charlotte area in a big way (literally — the piece is four feet tall) in April with her “Passover Egg” at the SHOUT Festival. When she saw the call to artists from SHOUT organizers for Easter eggs to adorn Romare Bearden Park during the festival, she knew Jewish culture and Passover needed to be represented.

The event happened during Passover and the egg is such an important item on the Seder plate. She also felt the themes of freedom and resilience that are front and center at Passover are especially important now, in light of current events in Ukraine and around the world. The cyclical nature of the egg and the reassurance that brighter days will come is essential for all to remember and hope for.

Tara says of the design, “I thought about the meaning of Passover — order — and created the Star of David pattern via repetition and order using painter’s tape and a lot of patience.”

The handpainted egg took more than 100 hours over the course of two weeks to create.

This weekend is the last weekend for Charlotte’s SHOUT Festival.

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