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Israel, Part 19: Winery and Bonfire; Good-bye to the Galilee

By Amy Krakovitz

      On the way back from Zippori, we get a choice: the Arab circus in Carmiel or a winery. It doesn’t take much convincing for the busload to choose a winery in the area. We stop at the Meister Winery in Rosh Pina. After retiring from a career in banking, Yakov Meister opened this unique winery, with its vats, processing equipment, and tasting room in some natural caves adjacent to the vineyards. In addition to the grapes, he grows other fruits and creates fruit liquors and olive oils as well.


      While those too young to partake of wine stayed outside and played with the Meister family dogs, the adults enjoyed several kinds of red wines including a Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Shiraz. Mr. Meister also provided snacks in the form of crackers, goat cheese, and hyssop mixed with his own olive oil. The cavern location kept us cool and protected from the 100+-degree heat and we enjoyed both the wines and the company.

      Mr. Meister explained the process as we toured the inner caves: growing, pressing, yeasting, fermenting, oaking. Doron said that the working in a winery is much more arduous that it appears: it’s sticky work, always fighting bugs, freezing in the morning, steaming in the afternoons.

      That evening, back at Kfar Blum, the resort hosted a bonfire with roasted potatoes and corn on the cob. Though most of us were too full from our afternoon and dinner, we enjoyed the bonfire as a time to relax and socialize and to get to know one another better over a few bottles of the good Israeli wine we purchased that afternoon at Meister’s. We knew that the next day we would be on our way from Kfar Blum and the Galilee and headed for our last stop of Tel Aviv.

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